*NEW* Purpose-Built Table

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*NEW* Purpose-Built Table


Since many machine quilters were struggling to find  the right table for their quilting frames, so we made one! Our table is both versatile and durable, coming in 6' 8″, 8' and 10' 8″ sizes. It comes with the legs cut to fit your height, so you'll be working at a comfortable height whether you're sewing, cutting or quilting!

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Product Description

Our quilting frames (New English Quilter and Art Quilters) are designed to clamp to any table so skip this page if you already have a suitable table.

Our *NEW* Purpose-Built Table is:


~ versatile – it is able to extend to each of the frame sizes. *New design! The table now comes in lengths of 6ft 8in, 8ft, and 10 ft 8inches.*

~ easy to put together, in line with the design standard of our frames

~ light weight, for ease of assembly, yet sturdy enough to take the vibrations of your sewing machine while quilting. *Now even sturdier than before!*

~ at the ideal height for each and every quilter. We ask you to provide us with your height when you order, so we can cut the legs to the perfect height for you.

~ has legs with adjustable feet so that, no matter how wonky your floors, you’ll be able to get a level working surface

There you have it – the Purpose Built Table, now better than ever!


Please remember to give us your height when you order, as without it we won’t know what length to cut the legs!