SuperBOBs Donut, 35 L-Style Bobbins

SuperBOBs Donut
SuperBOBs DonutSuperBOBs DonutSuperBOBs Donut

SuperBOBs Donut, 35 L-Style Bobbins


35 cardboard sided SuperBOB pre-wound bobbins in a cute Bobbin Donut puts 35 gorgeous colours at your fingertips. This handy donut is perfect for applique and binding projects. Each bobbin is tightly wound with 118yds of Bottom Line thread.

Product Description

35 colours from our SuperBOBs, L style prewound bobbins with Bottom Line Thread. Tucked into a BobbinSaver for safe keeping and instant access to all colours! Bottom line thread is ideal for all your applique and binding projects. With 35 colours to choose from, you’re bound to find a good match! Bottom Line is 60wt. lint-free polyester. 118 yds. each. This smooth, fine polyester thread will hand stitch without knotting, or catching in the fabric layers. At this price, you’re essentially getting 3 bobbins free as well as a free donut!