Shipping Information

For any further questions about our shipping prices, please use the Contact Us page!


For our Frames:

We use shipping agents for sending our frames to our customers, which means that the shipping varies, depending on the weight of your frame, and your location. Normally though, the shipping is around £60, for just the frame, and around £90 if we’re sending you the purpose-built table as well. Please do note that the prices can fluctuate around what we’ve written here, so they are more like guidelines than actual rules!

Alternatively, save money and come and collect the frame yourself! This is a great option, because we give you a free workshop if you collect your frame. It’s a great opportunity to get off to a good start, see this post for more information! We can arrange a mutually convenient time by phone or email


For Superior Threads

We ship our threads using Royal Mail, first class, and we try to keep the postage costs to a minimum. Our postage rates are set according to the weight of your cart.

We offer Bulk-Buy and Wholesale price discounts for anyone who buys in bulk. You can own a shop, be a professional long-armer, or be part of a quilt group who pools orders together, or simply someone who quilts a lot! The discounts depend purely on the volume purchased, and are open to anyone. Please email Martha for more information.

Bulk Buy Superior Threads