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We believe in making the quilting experience enjoyable for everyone. That’s why we’ve invested a lot of time and expertise into the design of our frames, to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and function, creating simple tabletop quilting frames that everyone can use.

Juki 6 foot

Which Frame??

If you’re struggling to grasp on which frame to buy, it might be a good idea to check out these two blog posts! They’ll help to guide you through which frame is best for you!

Finding the right Frame

Quilting frame update makes it easy to switch sizes

6 Foot frame

The 6-foot Machine Quilter frame

AKA ‘The Little One,’ our 6ft table-top frame designed for quilters with limited space. Allows you to create single bed quilts with ease.


Juki 6 foot

The 8-foot and 10 foot 7-inch Machine Quilter frames

Our two biggest frames, sized at 8ft and 10ft 7in (‘The Big One’), these frames will let you quilt up to queen and king size quilts, respectively. Plus, you’ll be able to quilt all your smaller projects by simply adjusting the tension pieces, making these frames ultra flexible.

Starting from £1449

 Meet Paul, our resident genius.

Paul has worked for years on making the design of our frames as simple as possible.


Our frames are hand-crafted with love by Paul to perfection, and each frame is made to order. We believe in using only the best materials, and in finding beauty in simplicity. The frame slots together in just around 5 minutes, so you can set it up in your home and take it down easily without worrying about space, and without the frustration of trying to work through a long manual.  

 From our home to yours. With love.

We’re a small, locally run, family business, and we really care about getting you the best products and services.

From chatting to you on the phone about which frame will be best for you to custom making your frame, inviting you for a FREE workshop on collection, or getting it shipped to you and checking with you to make sure you receive it – we’re there for you every step of the way. After you’ve got your frame, we’re always available for post-sale support, be it in a one-to-one workshop, a retreat, or simply on the end of the phone giving you tips, tricks and advice.

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Happy customers picking up their frame from our home.

We’re sure you’ll love it.

So sure in fact, that we’ll offer you you’re money back within 6 weeks if you find yourself in the (unlikely) situation of being unhappy with your frame, and wish to return it. We can confidently offer this guarantee because we know our customers love it. Here’s what they’ve got to say:

“I cannot praise this small company enough. the craftsmanship of the actual frame is second to none, and the customer service is astoundingly good. I truly recommend that you take a closer look.”


“I’m having such fun. I love my frame – it’s fantabulous!!!!”

– Lesley

“Hip, hip, hooray! The husband bought it from  MachineQuilterIt’s called the New English Quilter 2 and it’s fabulous!!”

– C