About The Frames

Founded in 2006 we’re a family-run company, small enough to care, big enough to get the job done! We’ve taken an American idea, and adapted it to fit in our smaller, European homes. 

Please note: Call 01526 553366 or email Martha if you’re interested in purchasing one of our frames. We can arrange a personal free demo, answer questions and discuss timing.  martha@machinequilter.co.uk    


6 Foot frame front6 foot Machine Quilter – our original frame

This 6 foot frame is ideal for smaller quilts. It clamps to any 6 foot table and gives 55 in ches (140cm) of quilting space. It’s the perfect choice for baby quilts, lap quilts and single bed quilts. Ideal for charity quilts too. It’s easy to assemble, simple to use and handcrafted to be beautiful and useful. Once again the leader fabric comes riveted to the fabric poles. The centre mark and a lengthwise line has been stitched on the leaders so it’s easy to load your quilts straight and square on the frame. We’ve just updated the 6 foot frame giving it the same stronger fabric poles as the longer models. This means it’s easy to upgrade to longer poles and tracks if you want to. We offer a whole range of training and educational support online and in person in the form of workshops and retreats, as well as Handbooks, DVDs and online video clips. We still offer the best service before and most importantly AFTER our sales.

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8 foot Machine Quilter frame – bigger, stronger and longer

This 8 foot NEQ2 is our most popular frame! We’ve designed it to accommodate larger quilts. This Machine Quilter frame clamps to any 8 foot table and offers just over 7 feet (86 inches or 218cm) of quilting space. It will handle anything up to a queen sized quilt. The fabric poles are studier to eliminate bowing and the leader fabric comes cleverly riveted to the poles. These larger poles require a simple assembly of just a few screws. The track joins are seamless to eliminate ‘the bump’. The carriages are bigger to support the larger sewing machines. This bigger, stronger and longer frame has kept all the best features of our original frames. It’s still fast and easy to assemble and a real pleasure to use.

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10footframe table 2

10 foot 7 inch Machine Quilter frame – The BIG one

This 10 foot 7 inch frame is for the quilter who likes big projects. It shares all the features of the 8 foot frame it’s just longer- perfect for King sized quilts and anything smaller too. This frame clamps to a 10 foot 7 inch table and gives 9 and ½ feet of quilting space. That’s 116 inches or 295cm . That’s nearly 3 meters of quilting space. If you like to make big quilts – this is the frame for you!

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