Fantastico #5083 Arizona 2,000 yds.

Fantastico #5083 Arizona 2,000 yds.


WOW! We like this thread even better than Rainbows. Its a bit thicker and much stronger so even people new to machine quilting will be able to run this gorgeous thread at high speeds through their long arm machines.

Ideal for embroidery and quilting.
High-sheen allows the thread to reflect colour vividly and clearly.
Unlike many other high-tenacity trilobal polyesters, Fantastico is ‘heat set’ in processing which eliminates shrinkage.
Fantastico consists of 48_micro filaments_x 4 ply (2 ply x 2 ply), for a total of 192 micro filaments, resulting in spectacular sheen and strength.

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After many years in development, we now have a variegated (multi-coloured) polyester thread that has the high sheen of tri-lobal and the strength of filament polyester. It is a high tenacity (strength), high sheen tri-lobal filament polyester called Fantastico.

Fantastico is not only gorgeous, it is unlike any other thread. Here’s why:

Fantastico consists of four main strands of thread. Each of these four main strands consist of 48 high strength micro-strands. Two 48 micro-strands are twisted together into Set A. Another two sets of 48 micro-strands are twisted together into Set B. Then Set A (total 96 micro-strands) and Set B (total 96 micro-strands) are twisted together to make the final product. Fantastico is a thread made of 192 high-sheen, high strength micro-strands.

The result is a strong, bright, beautiful 40 wt. thread ideal for quilting and embroidery.