£1449 MachineQuilter 8′ Frame

£1449 MachineQuilter 8′ Frame


Our most popular frame size, this quilting frame is bigger and stronger than the Art Quilter models, being designed to handle the weight of larger quilts.

Please note that the price listed is for the £500 DEPOSIT only. The current retail price for the New Engilsh Quilter 8′ is £1449 +shipping.

We normally like to have a chat over the phone with our customers before they buy a frame, to talk details and make sure you’re getting the frame that’s right for you. You can contact us here if you have any questions.


The 8′ MachineQuilter Frame retails at £1449 + shipping, and the price listed online is for the deposit only.

Our MachineQuilter 8′:

~gives you 80 inches (2m) of quilting space

~ fits on our 8′ table

~ comes ready assembled (note: some minor assembly required for the poles: see Extra Information tab).

~ features our ‘seamless’ track system (for assembly details, see Extra Information tab).

~ comes with the leader fabric ready-riveted onto the poles, perfectly straight, and marked with the centre for ease of pinning.

~ is versatile, giving you the chance to quilt anything from cot size up to queen sized quilts.

~ comes with a simple  stylus so you can follow pantographs.

So unless you really like to make King sized quilts, then this is the perfect quilting frame for you!

Once again, please note that the price listed is for the £500 DEPOSIT ONLY. We like to get to know our customers, so we will contact you after the deposit has been paid to discuss shipping and any further payments.

Extra Information

To put the poles together:

Step 1: line the two halves of the poles up with each other

Step1 Poles

Step 2: Push the bolt through using the screw

Step 2 Poles

Step 3: Make sure the bolt is all the way across

Step 3 Poles

Step 4: Place screws provided in the holes

Step 4 Poles

To put the tracks together:

Step 1: Match the tracks marked ‘A’ together, and the tracks marked ‘B’ together

Step 1

Step 2: Line them up

Step 2 line the tracks up

Step 3: Push them together

Step 3 push the tracks together