SuperBOBs Custom Mix, Gross

SuperBOBs Custom Mix, Gross



Create a custom mix of bobbins by getting in touch with us directly – we’ll customise it just for you, so you can get a mix of the colours you want!

Contact Us to get the mix you want!


SuperBOBs are Bottom Line thread wound onto cardboard sided bobbins. They come in L-style (118yds) and M-style (215 yds). The cardboard material will run smoothly through your sewing machine, minimising tension issues in your work. SuperBOBs are available to purchase in the following quantities:

– Pack of 12

– 1/2 Gross (6 packs of 12)

– Gross (12 packs of 12)


To get your custom mix, contact Martha. We’ll personalise your order, so you get just the colour mix you want!

Call: 01526378057