MasterPiece is also extra-long-staple really-grown-in-Egypt cotton.

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Masterpiece comes in plain colours in a finer (thinner) thread. It was designed for piecing. This finer 50 weight thread will keep your seams lying flat and your points nice and sharp.

If you want to match the fibre content of your threads with your 100% cotton quilting fabrics use MasterPiece for piecing your top.

The pieced seams are the ‘load bearing’ seams in a quilt. It’s the pieced seams that will hold your quilt together over time. Use MasterPiece to piece your top to give it stability and then you can use any thread that gives you the look you want in your quilting.

Use a Topstitch 100/16 needle for free-motion quilting and a 90/14 for piecing.

  • Available in 75 solid colours.
  • Nature’s finest thread.
  • Precision designed for piecing.
  • Ideal for piecing, hand and machine appliqué, detail quilting, bobbin thread, and lacework.
  • Very smooth with virtually no lint.
  • Lies flat and does not pucker at the seams. 

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